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GiftPlus Online®


  • Perfect for Annual Fund and Gift Accounting staff, GiftPlus OnLine® provides immediate, accurate data in real time on almost 16,000 matching gift companies and subsidiaries.
  • Locate local matching gift companies and increase your exposure to their employees.
  • Identify match eligible donors in your database and reach out to them with a digitized version of the match form.
  • Reach out to donors working for companies with better than 1:1 match ratios to increase dollars raised.

Features and Benefits

  • See which donors are eligible for matching dollars
  • Data updated daily
  • Last revision date for each record shown in upper right of each listing
  • Most recent changes highlighted in yellow on each record
  • Dynamic search process allows for multiple search techniques and methods
  • Camera ready, digital custom print matching company guideline sheet with your logo and specific directions from the donor's employer on how the donor can apply for the match available for each record
  • Subscriptions based upon multi-user licenses allowing anyone at your institution to utilize the product
  • Web based product is updated daily and you always have access to latest data available
  • Includes companies that match volunteer time


  • 12 Month Subscription for $545 for up to 10 users
  • 12 Month Subscription for a single user for $225.00
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